The Brand


Dates are an ancient delicacy that have survived the tests of time, taste, and culture.  Naturally sweet and packed with so many nutrients, dates are a staple of many of the world's oldest traditions.  

We fell in love with dates as clean eaters with sweet tooths who did not want the chemicals of artificial sweeteners nor the calories or malaise that come with eating refined sugar.  Our dates grow and bake in the storied desert heat of California's Coachella Valley and the result is the world's most incredible stone fruit. The syrup is the date's best byproduct and we are so excited to be able to share it with you.  

As east coast girls with an affinity towards the west coast healthy lifestyle, Blind Date Syrup is the perfect marriage of the two. 

Turning a date into Date Syrup is a labor intense process but one that we came to love.  But instead of sharing the process with you, we wanted to share the product.  With Blind Date Syrup, you can simply swap in nutrient rich goodness and swap out high glycemic sugars. Use it in the place of maple syrup, honey, and refined sugar. 

Life should be sweet! 


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